Mittwoch, 27. November 2013

Let the Christmastime begin

Hey everybody,

it´s the Time of the Year, let the planning for Christmas begin. Yesterday I got the E-Mail with the things that the girl/lady likes who I am surprising for Christmas and now I can finally start to make something for her.

At the moment I am having a terrible Cold and my little man too, he started first having it and then gave it to me and now he has it again and I have it too. I hope that we both are done with it at the end of the week. I really need to get his advent-calendar done. At the End of the Day I am so exhausted and just want to lay down. And I still need to get the gifts for Christmas and I am afraid that Christmas is coming too fast, lol. 

Last weekend we had our yearly Family Photo Shooting, glad it is over, it was nice, but it is no fun when you are sick. I tried to do my best, but i couldn't find the right makeup to hide my red nose. We will see. I think the pics turned out ok. As soon as I get them I will make a Post with them. 

I will get back on my Couch and watch Jake and the neverland pirates with my little man.

Hugs, Vanessa

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