Mittwoch, 6. November 2013

A little short Trip with lovely People

In October we took a little short Trip for the Weekend. It was so lovely but just too short. We went with my Best Friend Lady J. and her Husband, my Husband and our Son. We had a huge Apartment which had space for 8 People. It had a huge Balcony with a perfect view directly to the Ocean.

Our Balcony with the perfect View.

There was a great Pirates Playground which was perfect for our little man.

The Hubby and our little man.

We were so Lucky with the Weather, it was so sunny and warm. It rained one Day for about an Hour. 

We took a mudflat hiking tour. We had so much Fun and learned alot.

And then the Water came back.

It was a Perfect Getaway.

 My Family and me.

The complete Crew.

And because it was so nice, we already reserved the Apartment for next Year for a complete Week.

Hugs, Vanessa

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