Sonntag, 3. November 2013

My Grandma

April 24. this Year is a Day that I will never forget. On April 24. my dear Grandma died. That Day changed everything. After my Grandpa died I always said, I never ever want a Phone Call like that and I don´t want anybody to tell me that a beloved Family Member has died. And this Day I didn´t receive a Call like that. (Long Post ahead) 

That Day, I went to College as usual and I had a Babysitter for Mr. J. cause wednesdays is always my longest Day at College and I can´t pick up my lil man. So I have to organize a Babysitter. My Grandma was really sick and we knew that she would die because of this stupid Cancer. 
So I was at College and at about Lunchtime, I received a Call from my Mom saying that the Doctors said we should get to the Hospital cause there wasn´t much time left for her. So I left everything behind me, ran Home jumped in the Car and went on the Highway with the Hope that She was still alive when I get to her, so that she wasn´t alone when she made her last journey. I was driving so fast, drove into to Parkinglot and just ran into this Hospital like someone was chasing after me. I just wanted to be with her. I went to the Nurses Room and told them that I was the Granddaughter and that I wanted to visit my Grandma. The Nurse looked at me and asked me if I was informed and I answered that the Doctor had called my Mom and she called me. And at this Moment everything changed. The Nurse took my Hand and told me she was so sorry and that my Grandma has just died a few Minutes before I arrived and that she was so sorry for me. I looked at that Nurse and started crying and told her that that couldn´t be and that my Grandma had to wait for me. I was screaming. I had a breakdown. The Nurse took me and sat me on a chair and told me to calm down and that she was soo sorry. After I finally had me back under control I asked her again if I could go to my Grandma, and she asked me if I was sure that I can do it. And I assured her that I was ok and that I want to see my Grandma. Then she went with me to my Grandma and let me be with her alone. I called my Mom and yelled in the Phone that my Grandma has died. And she told me that she already knew it and that they didn´t want to call me cause they knew that I was on the Highway and that they didn´t want to make an accident. After I had talked to my Mom I was with my Grandma. I talked to her, I held her Hand. I told her that I never ever wanted her to be alone on her last Journey. She died about 5 Minutes before I came. After about an Hour the Rest of my Family came into the Hospital.

So I never received that Call, but I am not sure if it should make me feel better. 

I miss my Grandma alot. We had our differences but I loved her and I could always call her and visit her and talk to her. 
I know that my Grandma is in a Better Place now and she is finally together with my Grandpa. But she is really missed here. I am Thankful that I was able to have my Grandma with me on my Wedding and that she was able to see and meet her Great Grandchild.

Grandma, I miss you and love you sooo much!!! 
 My Grandma on my Wedding Day with me.
With my Cousin and me on my Wedding.

On my Wedding.

The Day her Great Grandchild was born, I was so proud that she came to the Hospital. 

The 2 Proud Great Grandmas and my Mother in Law.





Thank you for Everything Grandma, I LOVE YOU!

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