Montag, 23. August 2010

My Mom's BIG 50

So, finally I have a little bit time to write on my Blogg. I was sooo Busy with my Mom's 50 Birthday. I wanted to try to make her Birthday perfect. And I guess it worked.

1. First my Grandma wanted me to make a Banner for my Mom for the Garden so that everybody knew that my mom turned 50. =) And my Grandma thought it was easy to make it while I have a lil man at home and a Busy Busy Husband and a Mom that always said, I DON'T WANT ANY SURPRISES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I started to plan and plan and plan. Without telling my Mom anything. And I usually tell her EVERYTHING. Hahaha.
I had wonderful friends that helped me. One friend organized a banner from her Mom, my other friend let me paint it at her house and watched my lil man. He thought it would be funny to run over the Banner while the paint was drying. So i had to clean him real quick. So that my mom would not see anything.
(I put the banner in the Garden the night before she turned 50, she watched my lil one and i told her i would stay at my friends house cause she was having a Party. - My mom was there too, but went then home to help Grandpa to watch my lil man. After she was gone i went right back to get the surprise done. It toolk me 1 1/2 hours to decorate the whole Garden. Then 5 minutes before 12 i ran upstairs to her and told her that i was soooooooo sorry that i had stayed so long at the Party and that i am glad that i made it in time to celebrate her B-Day) Hahaha.

2. Then I thought it would be sooo nice for her to have a memory from her Birthday. So I made a HUGE 50 and bought a photo album with nice pen's and a sweet friend gave me her picture printer so that we could print the pics right after they were taken. Then I told all the guests that they have to take a picture and design a page in the album. My Mom was soooo happy when I told her.

3. Her gift from me was a bit more planning and hiding. My mom is a Quilter. And one Day she told me that she always have to make Quilts for other people (like me =)) and nobody ever made one fer her. So i decided that i would make her a Patchwork-Blanket. And normally i really don't like to sew and things like that. I more like Scrapbook-Things, that Hobby is more quiet, haha. But I really wanted to make it for her, so i got me a Jelly-Roll and started sewing. It was sooo hard to keep this secret, cause she is the one who knows best, how to make it. So i told her best friend and she helped me when i was done with the Jelly-Roll. It was soooooooo much fun.
When her Birthday-Party started, I gave her a few things that I had used for the Blanket, to see if she could find out what it was. And at the beginning she thought we would go to France for a huge Patchworkmarket. But when she realized that I made her a Quilt, she was overwhelmed, surprised and happy at the same time. The Tears ran over her Face. And at this point I knew it was the perfect gift for my mom and I made her Day.

And thats how we looked like after a great Party with lots of fun and laughter and lots of surprises. It was a wonderful Day!