Montag, 26. Dezember 2011

Christmas Time

I hope all of you had a lovely Christmas Time! Ours was nice! I have to be honest, I did not want to celebrate Christmas this Year. Not sure why, maybe because of my surgery a few Days before Christmas, or maybe the fact that my Father-In-Law wasn´t really nice to me. Or just because the Year 2011 just wasn´t my Year! But it was nice. My Parents came the 24. with my Grandma to our House and wanted to celebrate with us Christmas.

So they took our lil man for a walk and searched for the Christmas-Angel, while we put all our Gifts and the Gifts from the Family for our Son under the Tree! And when they came back, he was t
hrilled about all the Gifts.

Not all, but the nearest to the Heart - Family and Friends and Aunts and Uncles and God-Parents made him feel so special, and we sure felt special too! Thank you soooooo much! We love you!

We had such a good Dinner, my Husband made us soooooooo delicious Steaks. Actually I have planned to make a Turkey, but after my surgery I didn´t feel good and able to handle a whole Turkey, so we decided on Steaks! And they where soo good.

The next Day (25) we went to my Grandmas House and met the Rest of the Family, we went out for Lunch. And had a fabulous Day! We finally were able to play Games together and make a lil chit-chat. It was so nice! And our Son had so much fun to play with the Train and the Car-Race. He loves to be at my Grandmothers House.

The 26. we went to a part of my Husbands Family, and I really have to say, normally it is really stressy and not much fun, and with an almost 3 Year old Boy that keeps you busy it is hard to relax, but it was a Day full of Fun & Laughter and Good Food!

So our Christmas was good!
And maybe 2012 will also be a good Year for me!

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