Dienstag, 19. Juli 2011

Loooooooooooong Time Noooooooooo Blog-Post

So I finally have a bit time to Blogg. No Pictures, but I will post some soon.

We are going on a vacation, wohoooooooo! We are sooooooo excited, we haven´t been really gone since 2 Years. And I am so glad that the Hubster is off work for a few Weeks. And I am glad to leave all the stress behind me for a while.

We rented a caravan from good Friends. And I just have to say, we are really, really, really Excited. We are going to Austria.
Jack is so happy to go on vacation with an caravan, he asked the whole week when we will finally go look at the caravan, and when we will pick it up. So you can really say he is excited. We bought him a small caravan to play with, and he always says "mommy caravan vacation".

I will stop writing now, with a HUGE Smile on my Face, that says, wohoooooooo we are going on vacation.

Bye bye and the next Post will have Pics from our VACATION =)

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