Sonntag, 26. September 2010

I guess I have to let go!

So, I finally found a crèche for my lil man! It will start October 7th. I will start college then again. But I have to say it's not easy for me to let go. I still think that I am the Best for my son. I think he is ready for it. He has changed so much. At the beginning he didn't want any kids near by him. He ran away or called mommy. And now he loves to be around other kids. He is soo interested in what they do and what they play, and tries to get in contact with them. So I guess he REALLY is ready for it.
I am not sure if I want to let go. He is my Baby. I am afraid that it is going to be too much for me. Mom, Wife, Student, Friend. Woah, sounds much. Hmmm, but I guess I have to give it a try. I have to let go and start a new life. The LIFE as a Mommy and Student. The more I think of it, the more it sounds like fun. I hope the people in the crèche treat him good. I know how these people are, LOL, I am one of them. Before I became a Student and Mommy, I was a Pre-School-Teacher. So I really know these people. And I laughed about all these Mommys that could not let go, and look now. Now I am one of those Mommys. Hahaha
So we will see what time brings. And I hope I will get everything handled.

But I also have to say that I am soooo Thankful that I could stay at home for this long time.

So my dear lil boy, I want to give you the Chance to start a new way in your life, you will meet new Friends and you will have a wonderful Time. I am glad that you are my Baby Boy and I could not be more proud to be your MOM!

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  1. Vanessa,

    HI! You left me a comment a long time ago on my blog when I was contemplating going private. I thought I watched the comments closely on that post, but somehow I missed yours. And for whatever reason I was re reading the post and comments today and saw yours and found your blog.

    Germany huh? Are you from Germany? I've never been, but I'd love to learn all about it!

    Nice to meet you.